Picálla is synonym for a tiny calla plant with big impact. The name Picalla is a combination from Picasso (art) and Piccolini (small potsize) and Picobello (perfectly fine).


With Picálla you are the owner of a living piece of art. Elegant shapes and vivid colours; we call it ‘floral artistry’. It opens your heart and mind to possibilities and stimulates your imagination.


Picálla is grown to perfection by devoted craftsmen. Use it to decorate your personal space or to express your feelings towards others.

for calla

Have you ever wondered how much water a calla needs? What is the best spot in the house, and can they be placed outside? Picálla is easy to take care of. With a little extra attention, you can enjoy your living piece of art for weeks to come.


Picálla loves…

  • to be positioned in half sun/shade
  • indoors as much as outdoors
  • water twice a week

Picálla doesn’t like…

  • rainy days
  • temperatures below 10°C